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  • jason brown

    How do I trade

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  • Joe Dangelo

    Having collected physical card packs my entire life, I'd be genuinely intrigued by a thorough explanation of HOW hexidecimals (ones n zeros being interpreted by an OS) can hold a constant value. With the base concept in mind, that even IF I bought a full set, it would only discount me the opportunity for any/all chase, variant, relic, etc. cards. As they're never part of a set. That is the only thing cash could, and still does guarantee me, in the real world economy of card collecting.
    This also happens  to be the EXACT antithesis to the idea of Diamonds as a currency. The aforementioned then guaranteeing the "Entitled Generation" to said varieties of cards, without actually subjecting themselves to the idea of collecting....along with its ups n downs, bundles of trash-ready foil with garbage pulls and dupes in stacks as its salvageable remnants. To eventually find that 1:16587 in the 2nd to last pack of an already but understandably overpriced case. And that case is the closest thing that you'll ever get to a logistical (not actual) guarantee that something of value will appear in your cardboard abundance. However, it may be the Auto you don't want/need or a dupe from your last case breaking adventure. That's why cards now hold value, and stuff from the 90s plummeted into a valueless abyss. Only back then, the sheer number produced  was your eventual guarantee of just about anything. Same with comic books of that decade. Only now, it's Pay To Win Diamonds? As you do occasionally suggest that this is a "game".
    Topps, the floor is all yours. Some analytics would suffice.

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